Volunteers play a key role in Discovery’s mission to promote STEM literacy through hands-on learning experiences. Contributing time and expertise is a great way to get involved with the fun and action of STEM learning, help young learners, strengthen our community, and to have fun doing it!

Volunteer Opportunities
We do our best to align volunteers with opportunities that match their skills. Volunteer opportunities and needs can change frequently throughout the year.

We are looking for High school and college students over the age of 16 to assist in the following departments:

STEM Learning Programs:

  • Classroom & science demo prep & clean-up
  • Special programming materials prep (making hands-on activities for young students)
  • Assisting with classes, administrative work, Planetarium shows, Science-on-a-Sphere demonstrations, and science demonstrations
  • Organizing classroom and storage space
  • Project assistance for the Director of STEM Learning Programs as needed.

Development and Fund Raising:

  • Organization and filing
  • Social media and blog content
  • Project assistance for the Chief Development Officer as needed

Guest Services & Special Events:

  • Gallery Docents
  • Assist in preparation for public weekend events and programming
  • Assist in Special projects for the Guest Services and Special Events Manager as-needed on an on-going basis
  • Supplies inventory and organization


  • Review and assess security on education laptops and other machines
  • Help assemble a full inventory of Museum technology and identify risks or maintenance requests
  • Address maintenance needs as much as possible

Social Media/Website/Blog:

  • Plan, propose and schedule social media posts to promote Museum activities, events, and news
  • Cross promote using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Propose new ways to grow our social media following
  • Propose new ways to incorporate social media into guest experience
  • Draft blog content for review/posting on DM website


  • Help with management of donor and sponsor files

Public Events:

  • On-site support running craft tables and specific activities
  • Gallery Docents
  • Guided mini-tours


  • Clerical and administrative duties such as filing and sorting
  • Assisting in special projects for the Finance Manager as needed

*Special Opportunity for Parents & Guardians:
Parent Advisory Council

  • Meet periodically to discuss topics related to strengthening Museum programming and exhibitory
  • Offer feedback, input and guidance to help DM meet local families’ needs
  • Provide feedback on possible new offerings (programs, activities, etc.)
  • Help DM promote events
  • Contribute to the planning and execution of Museum events

To apply, please fill out our 2016 Volunteer Application and return to Volunteer Program and Guest Services Administrator Haley Olson: olson@discoverymuseum.org , 203-372-3521 x136. Please check all areas of interest that apply, and put a * by your top 2 choices.