Inspired by Lite-Brite, the hugely popular toy from the 1980s, Everbright is a giant grid of 464 adjustable LED dials that rotate in either direction through the color spectrum. Visitors are invited to create designs, patterns, pictures, or simply to explore.

There is no game-over, no finale, no single way to navigate or play with Everbright, and nothing telling users when to start or stop. Direct, immediate feedback allows anyone of any age to find an easy starting point. New users can just as easily pick up where someone else has left off.

Created by Hero Design, Everbright is a kinetic art installation designed for all ages. Visit Hero Design’s website to learn more about what inspired Everbight, or come to Discovery Museum and play!

Located in the Museum’s center gallery, Everbright is engaging for all – teens, toddlers, grandparents, moms and dads, anyone of any age or ability. Families can create something together inspiring a conversation about light, geometry, color, and collaboration.

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