Explore and understand energy, what it is, how it is produced, used, and transported through this highly-interactive exhibit developed in partnership with Energize CT. Museum guests will see the everyday relevance of energy-related innovation and problem-solving as they interact with the various activities in Energy Network.

Focus areas include:

  • Understanding Energy – Energy makes things happen. There are many forms of energy.
  • Harnessing Energy – The energy that powers our everyday lives comes from the earth, the sun, wind, and water – and even from the energy inside atoms.
  • Changing Energy – Energy can change from one form to another. Usually, some energy gets dissipated when it changes form, but efficient systems can redirect energy back into a useful form.
  • Using Energy – We can make choices about where to get energy and how to use it. Efficient design can help conserve energy.
  • The Garage – Guests can learn about energy by exploring, designing, building, and experimenting. We need creativity and innovation for our energy future.