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What does the weather look like today? What will it look like tomorrow? Learn about the features that make up our weather and find out how all weather on Earth originates. We’ll learn how the Sun creates weather patterns for us and find out why the seasons feel different. Look at cloud cover, water in the atmosphere, and learn how we predict storms. We can even see what’s causing the weather where we are today!

thumb_Wonderful Weather
experience: Science on a Sphere
grade: Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3
NGSS: Earth and Space Science, ESS2: Earth's Systems, ESS2.D: Weather and Climate, ESS3: Earth and Human Activity, ESS3.B: Natural Hazards, Physical Science, PS3: Energy, PS3.B: Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer, K-ESS2-1, K-ESS2-2, 3-ESS2-1, 3-ESS2-2, K-ESS3-1, K-ESS3-2, K-ESS3-3, K-PS3-1, K-PS3-2