Museum Rentals

Having an event soon? Have it at The Discovery Museum... corporate functions, birthday parties, meetings and more.

Discovery Museum CT


Prices available upon request. Pricing based on duration and time of the event and space used.

Entire Museum
One Floor
Dining Court


Additional Required Fees
Required Staff* $55/hour
*Manager and Custodian @ $27.50 each
For events with the majority of guests under the age of 18 an ADDITIONAL staff member is required @ $27.50/hour

Optional Programs
Planetarium Shows $200
Challenger Missions $250 and up
Science Demos $200

Music at Discovery

Rental Facilities
Auditorium $150/hr
*Auditorium approx 500 sq. feet
70 bench seats

Main Galleries & Norma Pfriem Dining
Court - 2,450 sq. feet

Dinner Seating for 75 maximum
Stand-up Reception for 300 maximum

Catered Food

Professional Catering Kitchen
Imperial Six Burner Stovetop
Imperial Convection Ovens
Hobart Dishwasher
Delfield Refrigerator & Freezer
Dumbwaiter to Dining Court


• Please schedule your reservations at least three weeks in advance of the event.
• We request that you submit for review detailed plans and schedules, including entertainment, set-up and clean-up at least two weeks before the event.
• Reservations may be made up to six months prior to the event.
• Due to limited space, meeting places are scheduled according to availability.

(Please note: The Discovery Museum reserves the right to preempt a date no less than three months in advance of the scheduled function if the facilities are needed for a Museum function.)

• Distribution of food, liquor and beverages must be provided by an insured caterer. The caterer is responsible for set-up as well as clean-up of tables, chairs and food preparation items.
• Alcoholic beverages must be dispensed by a professional caterer or bar service that carries liquor liability insurance. Cash bars and ticket systems are not permitted.
•Caterers are responsible for providing all provisions including staff.
• A list of caterers who are familiar with the Museum is available upon request.

The Discovery Museum parking lot is available for use during rentals
• Parking lot security is the responsibility of the renter. For information on the availability of off-duty Bridgeport Police officers, call (203) 576-7715.

Entertainment and Decorations
• We require that renters obtain approval from The Discovery Museum before bringing in entertainment, audio or video equipment.
• Decorations cannot be affixed to any Museum surfaces unless prior arrangements have been made.
• Candles are permitted only when protected by non-flammable containers.
• The use of propane tanks is not allowed.

Deliveries and Set-up
• Gallery events and set-up will take place outside of regular Museum operating hours.
• All deliveries, pick-ups and their times should be arranged at least one week in advance of the event.
• Deliveries will be made through the freight entrance on the south side of the Main Building. An elevator is available for use.

• All renters will provide required permits to the Museum prior to the event.
• Renters are responsible for providing a certificate of insurance, with the Museum named as an additional insured party, at least two weeks prior to the event. This must include notation of liquor liability insurance if applicable.
• Smoking is not permitted in the building.
• The Museum is not responsible for stored items before, during or after an event.

For more information, to arrange a tour of the Museum or to schedule an event, please contact Susan Tabachnick at (203) 372-3521 x130