Visiting Exhibits

Pitney Bowes presents
Connecticut Inventions & Innovations
at The Discovery Museum & Planetarium
Opening Reception Thursday, March 6, 5-7pm

As the Discovery Museum and Planetarium continues its exploration of Connecticut’s rich industrial history, two factors have become apparent: the thrill of both exploring the State and its offerings, and the joy of sharing our discoveries. As you enter our second installment of the exhibition series – On the Move, Please Write, and All in a Day’s Work – we invite visitors to meditate on each aspect, as they pertain to their lives.

On the Move reminds us of the journeys that we take – real and imaginary – as children and adults; our longing to explore the unknown, acquire new identities, to be grownup. As transportation, bicycles and skateboards take us to familiar and unfamiliar places. Skates challenge us to go faster and farther. Toys accompany us on our make believe trips.

Please Write looks at mechanical objects used to communicate; pens, typewriters, celebratory stamps, and postage meters. These objects have been vital instruments in transmitting our messages. They show how advances in technology have altered how we communicate, can be life-changing, and how the power of letters resonates forever.

Women At Work
All in a Day’s Work: Photographs of Women in Connecticut Industry explores the history of our State’s women workers in the late nineteenth century through the first half of the twentieth century, when women first started working in factories in great numbers. This photographic journey through Connecticut factories shows the way disadvantaged women and immigrants sought to augment their household incomes and lift their families to a different socio-economic level through hard – often tedious – work.

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