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Monet Noe: Paintings of Joy
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Ronet Noe has been an art teacher at Stamford, CT’s Newfield Elementary School  for almost three decades, inspiring thousands of children to create art, and being inspired by them to never lose the childlike joy of creating art. Indeed, she says one of her primary goals is for her art to inspire joy and playfulness. Bright colors, large format, and a carefree aura are key elements of her work. Even the three-dimensionality of her work breaks the plane and traditional restraint of painting. But that should not imply that her art does not have impact or meaning. A flying taxi scattering color down upon the Manhattan skyline challenges us to look at our lives and ask whether we are bringing brightness to our world. A bold declaration of PEACE calls us out to create a better world.

Noe has exhibited at galleries and shows across CT.

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows  up.” – Pablo Picasso. 

As someone who works with children I feel they have kept me young and influenced my art. When children paint it’s with the wisdom of no fear, freedom and for the pure love of the action. I plan to remain a child when I approach my art with few rules, a lot of fun, and joy.

My next statement as an artist is simply JOY! Joy is what I feel when I paint when I feel I must paint and what I want to give and convey through my paintings. I feel it so unnecessary for me to create an art piece that is anything but fun happy and joyful. There is a place for the artist who makes you think of the many important issues we all face. I prefer to embrace the positive I am a big believer in what you put out into the world you get back.