Membership FAQs
I have an Individual Membership. Can I sign my (any child) up for summer programs and receive a discount?
Unfortunately, discounts on children's programs (weekend workshops, summer, and after school), and children's birthday parties are NOT included as a benefit of an Individual Membership.
We have a Family Membership and my parents (grandparent, nanny, etc..) would like to take the children to the museum, but neither cardholder will be present. Can they just use our membership card?
At least ONE cardholder must be present in order to use the membership card for admission. You may Add A Guest/Nanny to your membership for an additional yearly fee, and then your card may be used by an additional adult. Also, Grandparent Memberships make great gifts!
We have a Family Membership and my kids want to bring a friend. Can we bring guests?
As long as ONE cardholder is present, admission will be granted to an additional adult and up to 4 children. If you have a large or extended family, you may want to consider a Family Plus Membership.
We are considering the Family Membership. What if my spouse wants to take the kids to the museum, but I (the cardholder) am not available to join them?
Up to 2 names can be designated as cardholder on the membership card. Only 1 designated cardholder must be present in order to use it.

* For any other inquiries or assistance, please contact our Membership Coordinator Linda Smith.