Recommended Links for Students

The Discovery Staff has put together some recommended links for students to explore.

General Interest is your gateway to experience the excitement of contemporary science and technology through on and offline interactivity with science and technology centers worldwide.
PBS has a great site full of science fun and kid's games. From the Sesame Street Set to the Technology-Oriented Teens, there are great places to visit, including:

PBS Kids
PBS Parents
PBS TeacherSource
Science & Nature

Cool Cosmos Learn about infrared light through fun games, cool movies, images, and more. Classroom activities and a Spanish-language version of the site are also available.

The Science Toy Maker - This non-commercial site features projects that use easily-available, inexpensive materials, and don't require special skills, tools materials or facilities. Activities are thoroughly tested to work, yet also have the potential to be improved by creative inventors and tinkerers

Space Science

Amazing Space - At this site, students can use Web-based activities to learn about the solar system, train to be a scientist, follow a star's life cycle, and more. Click on "For Educators and Developers" to access interactive activities, science-content reading selections, and answers to astronomy basics. There’s also helpful information on developing and funding education/public-outreach programs. (This site uses Flash.)

Cosmic Evolution: From Big Bang to Humankind - This site traces the cosmic origin and evolution of matter and energy from the Big Bang to 12 billion years later. You'll learn from movies, diagrams, animations and educational activities. From Tufts University, Wright Center for Science Education, and the Foundation for the Future. You'll need the free QuickTime Player and free RealPlayer for the movies.

The Nine Planets, A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System - A fabulous site that combines planetary geophysical data with mythological information and space exploration history. Beautiful photos makes this a great place to do research.

SETI Institute - The mission of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute is to explore, understand, and explain the origin, nature, and prevalence of life in the universe. Find out more about this important field of study.

At Home Astronomy - Hands-on science experiments for the whole family from The Center for Science Education at UC Berkeley

NASA Kids - Fun interactive games, educational cartoons, puzzles, and more make learning astronomy fun!