How Google Cardboard Helped Save a Baby

Posted by Alex Cannon on January 21, 2016 in Cool STEM Stuff No Comments

These Awesome Doctors Saved a Baby with Google Cardboard and an iPhone Here it is: irrefutable proof that we live in the future. When baby Teegan’s parents were told she would not be able to survive due to a severe birth defect in her heart, they requested the help of a brilliant pediatric surgeon who

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Ask a Scientist #1: Why Are Planets Round?

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Why are planets round, when other objects in space have funny shapes? Discovery’s Director of the Henry B. duPont III Planetarium, David Mestre, explains. There are a couple of reasons. One reason is part of the working definition scientists use for what makes an object a planet is that it IS round. Some objects in

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Discovery Launches High Altitude Balloon

Posted by Alex Cannon on November 5, 2015 in News No Comments

View From the Top (Originally appeared in Discoveries…newsletter, Fall 2015) At 6:20AM on Saturday, September 29, 2015 Discovery’s David Mestre emerged through the Museum’s automatic doors to glare at the sky for the fourth time in the last hour.  The coming dawn was a faint gray glow amid pattered clouds. “The sun’ll burn through that,”

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