Art @ Discovery

Local artists add color to our spaces, and we are happy to let tremendous local talent shine. Below are details on current exhibitions on display. To learn more or for info on submissions, call 203.372.3521 ext. 127.

Current Exhibitions

Art Mezzanine, Upper Floor:

Joe’s art is characterized by whimsical iconic imagery and bright colors that are mixed with grungy and graffiti aesthetics. Growing up, he focused on drawing solely in black and white, and shunned the use of color. As his work progressed, Joe was drawn to vibrant paints and experimentation with the color spectrum.

Living in cities has heavily influenced Joe’s work, particularly wandering the streets of NYC, where he was influenced by the rebellious excitement that embodies the city. The subway graffiti, rusted beams, and ornate architecture that he found in those wanderings inspired the work you see. His goal: to create art that has never been made, and work that sets a unique tone wherever you might encounter it.

Joseph is 24 year old and from Orange CT. His influences include the creative arts including everything from tattoos, fashion, music, pop culture and cinematography. He has been drawing since the day he could pick up a pencil and hasn’t stopped since. Although he graduated from Western New England University with a degree in management he quickly found he had alternative plans.

In the Discovery Museum Garden:

Sonny Cardinali and Mike Galullo are two local artists who work together to create kinetic sculpture. Currently they have three pieces from their collection on display in the garden at Discovery Museum. Sonny is a self-taught artist and welder, who got his start welding together pieces in the workshop. Using discarded metal, car parts, motorcycle parts, and household items, he began to create work that catches the wind and moves.

TwistingSteelMike is a local artist and seasoned educator who paints and finishes these kinetic sculpture pieces. His aesthetic is informed by both his work in education and by modern art.

These lighthearted pieces move with the wind, and have been featured in newspapers and magazines throughout Connecticut. More information on Sonny and Mike’s work can be found online at

In the Discovery Museum Lobby:

Connecticut native Michael Florio has a huge passion for photography, art, science and technology. His love of these subjects has brought him through a rabbit hole of wonder and amazement. His desire to share the incredible aspects of our universe with others is captured through a dynamic study of sunsets and the fascinating reasons why we experience the glorious colors in a twilight sky.

He wishes to reignite the imagination in adults and inspire young people, whether it is through the art of photography, exploring the cosmos through a telescope, or creating an at-home science project.